Meet the photographer

Her credentials are impressive, clientele even bigger.

Coming from the media background, photography comes naturally to Shruti Tejwani. She started off in 2008 and since then has built a unique presence with her impressive shooting skills. She Went to London school of photography to brush up her skills and since then there has been no looking back.

From shooting with celebrities, reputed families, leading fashion designers and Jewellers Shruti has created a niche for herself. She had worked all her life for Media companies, but the moment she took a break post marriage, she knew that it was the time to start her career in the field of photography.

Keeping aside the dilemma of leaving behind her two kids at home while she would be at work, she decided to take the plunge. Her family supported her immensely, and now she's a self made complete woman. Her style is Glamorous yet artistic and her friendly nature makes her one of the most popular and busiest photographers in the industry.

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+91 9821222114
+91 9821222114